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Target Products 

Products include products for the eyes, specialist cleansers, exfoliants, massage oils, aromatherapy blends, serums, specialist masques and solar protection products. Many of our products can be used on all skin types and some may be selected based on a particular skin type/condition.

Clear Cleanse 

Description: A finely textured oil formulated to gently yet effectively cleanse all skin types. Peach kernel oil and Sunflower oil effortlessly dissolve makeup and sebum while Argan oil and Rice bran oil provide age-defying properties. Sweet Orange, Manadrin and Grapefruit essential oils provide a fresh, zesty, uplifting aroma while Calendula and Green tea extracts soothe and calm the skin. Leaves skin thoroughly clean, nourished and supple.

Skin type/condition: All skin types and conditions, except hypersensitive.

Benefits: Highly effective for removing all traces of makeup, sebum and skin debris. Softens and nourishes the skin as it cleans deep down. Quickly removes waterproof mascara.

Key ingredients: Peach kernel oil gently dissolves sebum and makeup.

Argan oil rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants ensure the skin remains supple while Calendula and Green Tea extracts reduce inflammation keeping the skin calm.

How to use: Dispense into dry hands and massage over dry face. If hypersensitive around the eye area apply with dampened cotton pad. Wet hands and continue massaging to emulsify. Rinse with tepid water. Continue with cleanser according to skin type.

Clear Cleanse 150ml
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Micellar Eye & Lip Cleanse

Description: An advanced water based formulation containing micelles which attract and gently dissolve make-up and cellular debris from the eye and lip area leaving the skin hydrated and super clean.

Skin type/condition: All skin types and conditions.

Benefits: Gently and effectively removes makeup without irritation to the eyes.

Water based formula makes it safe for lash extensions and leaves no oily film.

Concentrated formula ensures economical use.

Key ingredients: Micelles attract make-up and debris from the eye and lip area.

Eye Bright (Euphrasia Officinalis Extract) boasts astringent, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, perfect to tone and brighten the eye area.

Brown Algae (Laminaria Hyperborea) rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, strengthens the delicate eye tissue and aiding in tissue regeneration.

How to use: Dispense a small amount to cotton pads and lightly wipe over eyes and lips.

Micellar Eye & Lip Cleanse 100ml
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Facial Cleansing Brush 

Description: This soft, pliable brush is the perfect partner for all Eve Taylor cleansers to ensure a thorough cleanse. Made from 100% sustainable rubber this long lasting brush is gentle enough for a skin prone to sensitivity.

Skin type/condition: All skin types and conditions.

Benefits: Use in light circular motions to gently increase circulation to aid cellular nourishment. Glides smoothly across the skin.

Enables a more effective cleansiing action than using fingers alone.

Key Ingredients: Made from 100% rubber.

How to use: After cleansing skin with Clear Cleanse (pre-cleanser), smooth a thin layer of creamy cleanser over the face and neck. If using foaming cleanser foam in hands then apply to face. Wet Facial Cleansing Brush and continue with light, upward rotating movements. Rinse face and brush with tepid water. Leave brush to dry on its side.

Facial Cleansing Brush
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Exfoliating Scrub 

Description: A creamy exfoliant with spherical bamboo beads to gently buff and polish the skin surface.

Skin type/condition: All skin types and conditions.

Benefits: Quick and easy to use giving instantly fresher skin.

Removes surface dull skin allowing easier absorption of serums and treatment oils.

Skin is smoother and more hydrated.

Key ingredients: Smooth bamboo beads gently buff and polish the skin leaving a healthy glow. Vegetable glycerine hydrates the skin to combat dehydration. Dimethicone soothes and protects the skin.

How to use: Apply a small amount over face and neck, moisten fingers and lightly work over area using upward circular movements. Rinse with tepid water.

Exfoliating Scrub 100ml
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Micro-Fine Daily Exfoliant

A fine textured powder based exfoliant with fruit enzymes to digest and dissolve surface skin cells. Botanical extracts soothe, calm and brighten while leaving the skin ultra soft and smooth.

Skin type/condition:

All skin types and conditions.

Key ingredients:

•Pineapple and Papaya enzymes digest surface skin cells to reveal a smooth fresh complexion.

•A botanical complex illuminates and brightens to increase luminosity and give a more even skin tone.

•Mallow extract provides conditioning benefits for ultra soft skin.

•Citrus and mint essential oils offer a refreshing, clean aromatic experience.


•Non-abrasive enzyme exfoliation makes this the perfect exfoliant for all skin types, especially sensitive and rosacea type conditions.

•Anti-inflammatory botanicals soothe and calm the skin.

•Gentle formulation may be used daily.

How to use:

Dispense half a tea-spoon amount of Micro-fine Exfoliant into dampened hands and mix into a creamy paste. Massage around the face, neck and decolette in upward circular movements. Rinse with tepid water.

Micro-Fine Daily Exfoliant 15g
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Purifying Spot Gel 

Description: This highly effective spot treatment gel combats bacteria causing

breakouts clearing skin of blemishes. The powerful combination of Tea Tree,

Lavender and Lemongrass provide anti-bacterial properties while soothing

redness and irritation.

Skin type/condition: Breakouts and blemishes.

Benefits: Packed with 3 potent anti-bacterial essential oils working in synergy to naturally reduce skin breakouts.

Allantoin derived from the Comfrey plant, soothes and reduces inflammation

associated with skin eruptions.

A fast acting solution to reduce spots using natural plant extracts.

Key Ingredients: Tea Tree provides powerful anti-septic properties targeting

pustular breakouts to reduce bacterial growth.

Lavender offers anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and skin repairing benefits.

Lemongrass brightens the skin while having anti-septic and astringent effects.

How to use: Apply sparingly directly to any papule or pustule and allow to dry before applying moisturiser in morning and evening.

Purifying Spot Gel 15ml
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Refining Eye Gel 

Description: A super hydrating eye gel to help minimise fine lines around

the eye area while helping revitalise and refine skins texture.

Skin type/condition: All skin types and conditions requiring light hydration.

Benefits: This light gel formula absorbs easily into the delicate skin around the eyes.

Water based gel deeply hydrates plumping fine lines and smoothing skin texture.

A cooling eye gel that soothes tired eyes making it ideal for PC users.

Key ingredients: Algae extracts help moisturise and firm the skin. Seaweed helps reduce puffiness while Sea Lavender moisturises and improves skin quality.

How to use: Using fingertips gently press and smooth a small amount to eye area, underneath and over brow bone

Refining Eye Gel 15ml
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Daily Defence SPF50

Description: An easily absorbed daily defence moisturiser with Shea Butter, Soya and Xylitol. Provides high protection from UVA and UVB rays, guarding against sun damage and premature skin ageing.

Skin type/condition: All skin types and conditions.

Benefits: High protection formulation is ideal to use post microdermabrasion, chemical peel, laser or other advanced treatments.

Protects against UV induced hyperpigmentation and sun damage.

Nourishing yet easily absorbed ingredients offer skin moisturising and hydrating benefits.

Key ingredients: Octinoxate, Octocrylene and Octyl Triazone sunscreens provide high protection against UVA and UVB rays, the main cause of premature skin ageing.

Shea Butter and Soya impart nourishing benefits with barrier strengthening effects. Sugar based Xylitol intensively hydrates moisture depleted skin.

How to use: Apply using light fingertip pressure in upward strokes to face and neck. Apply with care around the eye area. May be worn alone as a moisturiser, layered over Moisture Lotions or Creams or mixed with Moisture Lotions or Creams*.

Apply 30 minutes prior to sun/daylight exposure.

*When mixing with Moisture Lotions or Creams the SPF will be reduced.

Daily Defence SPF50 50ml
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Seal & Protect Lip Balm

Description: An emollient lip protector with broad spectrum sunscreens to soften and soothe the skin of the lips keeping them supple and hydrated.

Skin type/condition: All skin types.

Benefits: Forms an ideal base prior to lipstick application. Nourishing oils lubricate while anti-oxidants quench free-radicals.

Forms a protective barrier against the elements such as wind and UV exposure.

Key ingredients: A blend of shea butter, beeswax and jojoba oils provide deep nourishment and hydration. Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide provide broad spectrum sun protection. Essential oils of Peppermint, Spearmint and Orange offer a cooling and refreshing feel with a vibrant aroma.

How to use: Apply liberally to lips especially prior to UV exposure.

Seal & Protect Lip Balm
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